A busy 2 years

Since my last post, I’ve been to France on a painting trip with  several other artists which had been organized by Terry Plater,  spent some time in New Mexico to do more painting — although not as much as I would have liked, and again enjoyed more time in Colorado and Maine.  We’ve been busy traveling to visit family now spread between Colorado and Maine, while trying to fit in significant time for painting.  Difficult!

In September I’ll be having an exhibit in Ithaca with Ileen Kaplan at the State of the Art Gallery.  I’m hoping to loosen up in my method of applying the pastels, not getting caught up with the details as I usually do.  We’ll see!

Currently I have several of my oyster “portraits” at the Artisan Gallery in Skaneateles, NY.  In addition, I’m delighted that Rowan Jacobsen, noted author and authority on oysters, has featured them on his website, oysterguide.com/new-discoveries/astounding-oyster-paintings/.

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