Evaluation of Teaching

Feedback from students helps me to strengthen and improve my workshops. Please consult the sampling of their comments provided here for some insight into my instruction — from the student’s viewpoint.

Below are evaluations given me by students in Elderhostel programs as well as in my own workshops.

My teaching had been affiliated with Elderhostel, a nonprofit educational organization offering inexpensive academic programs with three daily courses, simple but comfortable accommodations, and wholesome meals. In the Elderhostel tradition, participants provide their reactions to the program and the instructors. Below are a few responses to my courses:

Instructor, Carol Ast: “The best Elderhostel art instructor that we’ve had! Highly qualified instructor, very nice to work with. I learned a lot. She made me want to continue on with pastel medium. Her own work is some of the best I have ever seen.”
Art Programs:
“Excellent class instruction and great on site painting locations. Very good critic, very helpful. She spent a lot of time prior to the Elderhostel locating great painting locations.”

Instructor, Carol Ast: “Superb instructor — one of the best of my whole life; patient, informed; excellent coach; skilled artist; very approachable; open; challenging.”
Art Programs:
“Materials and instruction exce3llent. Site s chosen for drawing varied, interesting, challenging. Program shows very careful thought and planning.”

Instructor, Carol Ast: “Superior instruction techniques. We enjoyed her expertise and enthusiasm. This was a very productive week for pastelists. We would readily enroll in another class for her teaching.”
Art programs:
“Pastel — individual attention to those who were not familiar with the medium. Very helpful to the more experienced, as well.”

When I first began teaching my own workshops in New Mexico in 2000 and 2001, I requested feedback from the participants. The comments below reflect the general tone of responses.

  • “Giving the students inspiration to forge ahead, yet suggest improvements without discouraging the learner is not easy but you really did it!” J.T., NM
  • “I really appreciated the way you broke up the lessons into very specific units with demonstrations. both demos and verbal inst. were clear and to the point. Critiques were extremely useful.” S.G., NY
  • “Nice combination of short, helpful group instruction and individual. I liked the way you made sure you got around to each person every time.” E.S., NY
  • “Your style is a pleasure! It’s always constructive with encouraging suggestions.” G.C., NY
  • “You take your role seriously and are positive and encouraging. Pleased that you did not spend hours demonstrating — gave us more time to paint and receive private instruction. Your enthusiasm is catching.” M.J.T., PA
  • “Super! You were able to speak to each of us, according to our individual states of progress, and address the problems and encourage at the same time.” C.H., NM
  • “Really good. I did not feel inadequate or over-praised. When I did what was recommended, it really worked. I liked the class critique. That was really helpful. S.G., NY
  • “Excellent: adapted to needs of each participant; positive, but pointing out areas needing improvement.” D.G.B., NY
  • “I really enjoyed your style of instruction — geared to each individual WHERE they were. I think you’re a great teacher!” P.J., AZ
  • “Fine, gracious, generous, and valuable” B.H., NY

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