Breast Cancer Series

Although my mastectomy was over 17 years ago, these six paintings evolved, out of sequence, between five and ten years after it took place. I don’t expect that all women who have had a mastectomy have or will have experienced these feelings, or in the order that I felt them. I do hope that anyone who sees the paintings will have a deeper understanding of how mastectomies can affect those who have had them, and that women who may have had similar emotional reactions will know they are not alone. After the 5 phases were complete, I thought the series was finished. After some time, however, I felt that it, like the cancer itself, was not ended. Indeed, to label as “survivors” women who have undergone breast cancer treatment is, in my opinion, to trivialize the seriousness of this form of cancer — which can recur decades after a “successful” treatment. Therefore I decided another painting was needed: “Epilogue”. It shows a woman painting, with the Sword of Damacles hanging over her. As in the old story, she/we never know if/when it will fall. The paintings are not for sale. It is my hope that they may be exhibited as a group in a “center” of some sort where breast cancer victims can see them.

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  1. Delia Bauer says:

    Hi Carol, missed you at the reunion. Hope you got the photos I e mailed. I just enjoyed all the works on your website and as always they are awesome. I had never seen the cancer series. Having cancer I certainly relate and all the expressions of your healing journey resonated within me. The last is most poignant for me. Since my Mom is gone, I am now free to travel and I would love to come see you. I’ll call soon and we can discuss a plan….maybe in the late spring. Blessings, Delia

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